Our new startup license package

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve had discussions with 100’s of small to medium-sized training companies about the challenges and opportunities of a virtual approach to training. 

From these discussions it’s become clear to us that there is more we can do to support small to medium-sized training companies to grow business. This is why  we have are creating a new startup license package. 

Startup license package 


20 learner users

-Unlimited number of facilitator and coach users
-2 Administrator users



-Self-managed branding tool
-Designated branded
promote URL login (yourbrand.promotelogin.com )

Platform Training and Support

-Online training program on how to use Promote
-Access to online help center and Promote customer support team

12 months

-Access and usage of the Promote platform is granted for a period of 12 months with this package

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Some of the small to medium-sized training companies we support