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The platform gives your participants a learning journey that gives you a better return on your training investments.

Our key concepts

The Promote plaform Is Built Around Four Key Concepts Proven To Support Your Learners To Sustain Behavioral Change. This Is The Impact Of Promote.

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Guided social learning

96% of participants engage in best practice discussions with their Manager and peer group leading to new and improved behaviors.

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Management involvement

91% of participants involve their Managers in goal setting. As a result engagement levels increase as do the chances of the desired behaviors sticking.

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Impact measurement

75% of Managers acknowledge the role Promote plays in supporting those they lead in achieving the desired business results, through behavioral application.

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Effective training

86% of participants apply their new learning consistently post training leading to value creation and business results four times higher than the average training program.

Value for Business

Greater ROI through increased on the job performance Impact measurements to prove how business benefits from the program Training aligned with business needs

Value for L&D

Creates robust training programs with managerial involvement Collaborative program design with key stakeholders Evidence of L&D’s true business value

Value for Learners

A visible learning journey with all actions and materials related to a program Collaboration with other learners Managerial support throughout the program

Value for Managers

A clear overview of the progress made in the program Improved performance outcomes for team members Enables more efficient management of people development

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enabling learning journeys, globally

Trusted by training providers, corporate education and multinationals to increase the effect of their learning journeys

Learners Love It.

Promote is a learning journey focused digital learning  platform that increases learner engagement and drives performance results.



Social Learning

Manager Engagement​

Blended Learning Journey

Measurable Progress​​

Promote is an award winning platform

Promote has won a multitude of awards for its technological excellence. Even more important are all the awards won by our licensees when using the platform.

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