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Mindsets need to change; we are not here to provide learning events, alone. We are here to drive successful, behavioral impact in leadership to improve business performance. The Promote platform provides the structure for meaningful feedback and alignment of the learning process to achieve those business goals.

Duke CE – Steve Mahaley

“The Promote platform enables us a route to delivery of that knowledge acquisition piece. Then we can concentrate the course on face-to-face skills, reinforcing those skills and then carry that into the workplace with a series of assignments. That helps us to provide the participants with assistance that helps them to learn from each other as they go out and try these things in the real world.”


Huthwaite – Robin Hoyle

‘Promote is the platform that enabled us to perform better as a learning solutions provider. Being based on sound adult learning principles we were
able to quickly see the value of Promote which so cleverly provides ongoing links between the learner, their manager/coach and the learning facilitator
during the learning journey. Promote is flexible, easy to use, embraces peer to peer learning, social learning, micro-learning, face to face, webinar,
online learning, learning tasks and a whole variety of learning activities. These are not just “buzz-words” – we know that they are integral components
of successful and engaging blended learning programmes. We know this approach significantly improves outcomes for the individual learner and for
their organisation… so they too can perform better.’

Peter Allen, Director, The Learning Wave Ltd

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Peter, Allen, director at the Learning Wave, talks about using a digital learning platform from a Training Providers point of view.

“It feels 21st century and we can measure the results”

Térèse Troedsson (Vattenfall), Anne Apking (Author and Performance Technologist) and Jason Durkee (Idea Development).


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