Client case

Using a digital learning platform – from a Training Providers point of view. Peter Allen, director at the Learning Wave, talks about using a digital learning platform from a Training Providers point of view

Client case

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Peter Allen


‘Promote is the platform that enabled us to perform better as a learning solutions provider. Being based on sound adult learning principles we were able to quickly see the value of Promote which so cleverly provides ongoing links between the learner, their manager/coach and the learning facilitator during the learning journey. Promote is flexible, easy to use, embraces peer to peer learning, social learning, micro-learning, face to face, webinar, online learning, learning tasks and a whole variety of learning activities. These are not just “buzz-words” – we know that they are integral components of successful and engaging blended learning programmes. We know this approach significantly improves outcomes for the individual learner and for their organisation… so they too can perform better.’

Promote, enabling learning journeys, globally

Trusted by training providers, corporate education and multinationals to increase the effect of their learning journeys.

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